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The Melbourne Cup
Known as "the race that all Australia stops for", the Melbourne Cup is held on the first Tuesday in November a highlight of the Spring racing carnival.

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Map of Australia
About Australia
Queensland - The home of amazing marine environment of the Great Barrier Reef and Gold Coast.
Capital city: Brisbane

New South Wales – Offers many sights and has the perfect combination of city life and beautiful surroundings.
Capital city: Sydney

Australian Capital Territory - An exiting place to visit with its many festivals and events held each year.
Capital City: Canberra (also the capital of Australia)

Victoria - A fascinating state with plenty of cafes, fashion, wine and wildlife.
Capital city: Melbourne

South Australia - Enjoy superb wines and amazing wildlife.
Capital city: Adelaide

Western Australia - the largest state of Australia and a place for nature lovers with dolphins, whales and manta rays.
Capital city: Perth

Northern Territory - The home of Ayers Rock and the amazing Kakadu National Park.
Capital city: Darwin

Tasmania - The state with the beautiful scenery - it offers diverse and ancient landscapes.
Capital city: Hobart

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Nature and wildlife
Swim with dolphins - You can realise the dream of swimming with dolphins on the coast of Western Australia. For more information visit

Whale watching - Australia is the whale watching capital of the world and offers many sites to experience this amazing interaction with nature. For more information visit

Pat a koala and get close to the animals at Australia Zoo. For more information visit

Arts and ure
If you are interested in art there are many galleries with both modern and indigenous art. There is a variety and festivals each year as well as shows and musicals. For more information visit

Australian Open is the Gran Slam of Asia/Pacific. The tournament features the world’s best tennis players. For more information visit

Fishing - There is not shortage of good spots to catch a fish in Australia. For more information visit

Gyms - If you want to get fit while you are on holiday there are many gyms to choose from. For more information visit

Australia offers a great variety of shopping centres, specialty stores and markets. Make sure to take home some Aussie souvenirs. For more information visit

There are many pubs and nightclubs to choose from. If you want to try your luck why not drop by a casino. For more information visit

Australia has all kind of different beaches, from the world famous Bondi Beach in Sydney to smaller and more excluded beaches. For more information visit

Coast and reefs
Australia is one long stretch of sand with a beautiful coastline and amazing reefs to explore. For more information visit

National Parks
Kakadu National Park- Australia can offer many beautiful national parks with extraordinary wildlife. One of the most well known parks, situated at the Top End is Kakadu national park. For more information visit

Water sport
Swimming - Australia offers a variety of beaches suitable for swimming.

Diving - Australia is a great place to learn how to dive. If you already are an experienced diver Australia has a long coast with many underwater places to experience. One of the world famous places to dive is the Great Barrier Reef situated in land. For more information visit

Snorkelling - Ningaloo Reef, situated on the west coast, is a paradise both for snorkelling and diving. With its beautiful lagoons it is a must see destination for snorkelling enthusiasts. For more information visit

Surfing -Whether you are a pro or beginner Australia offers great conditions for every surfer. Bondi beach is a national surf icon. Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay in land also offers great waves. For more information visit

Food and wine
The Australian cuisine offers a mix of indigenous and multicultural influences. With many vineyards to choose from be sure to take a tour and explore the great tasting Australian wine. For more information visit

To get a feeling of what Australia is all about why not take a tour and explore the incredible scenery the different states have to offer. For more information visit

Bridge climb
Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Enjoy the breathtaking experience of climbing one of the landmarks of Australia. For more information visit

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